The Official Standard Hands & Rules of the National Mah Jongg League Inc.,
for the current year, will be the format for all Four Seasons Tournaments.

Position Movements

East – Remains at their table for the entire tournament.
West – Moves up two tables after each round.
North – Moves up one table after each round.
South – Moves down one table after each round.


1. No Picking Ahead – The next tile in play should not be touched until the previous player has discarded. Once you touch the next tile in play you can no longer call the previous discard.
2. A tile cannot be called for an exposure or Mah Jongg once it is covered by the next player in turn, either by racking or discarding a tile.
3. A tile is played when it is either placed on the table or announced and not yet discarded, a player may not change their mind
4. (A) If a player calls a tile but does not touch or pick up the tile, they may decide not to take it. Once the tile is touched you must take it or be declared dead.
(B) If MJ is declared and no tiles are exposed all four players continue to play. If any part of hand is exposed, player is dead.
5. When a call is made, an exposure may be changed by the caller, as to number of tiles exposed, until caller has discarded. Called tile must be used if touched. Once caller discards no changes may be made.
6. You must initiate your turn by picking a tile before any jokers can be exchanged or you will be declared dead.
7. Game begins when designated East discards their 14th tile, if any hand has too few or too many tiles before this point the hands will be thrown in and the game restarted.
8. Game ends with discard of last tile, at this time a hand can no longer be declared dead.
9. If you pick the wrong tile or from the wrong end of the wall you can be declared dead. Any player that pushes their wall out without repositioning the remaining tiles and causes a player to go dead because of a mispick will also be declared dead.
10.When Mah Jongg is declared by calling a discarded tile, the tile cannot be placed in your hand until your hand is placed up on your rack or your hand is dead.


1. A miscalled tile wanted for exposure cannot be claimed until correctly named – Minus 10 point penalty to mis-caller. If miscalled tile is wanted for Mah Jong– Minus 25 point penalty to mis-caller, 10 points to remaining three players and game ends.
2. No penalty to player throwing into 0 or 1 exposure.
3. Minus 10 points to player throwing MJ to 2 exposures.
4. Minus 25 points to player throwing MJ to 3 exposures, 2 exposures of a quint hand.
5. Minus 10 points for looking at tile when stealing during either .
6. Minus 35 points to player not in tournament room when director announces "start of play."


1. The player who makes MJ will sign the score sheet after each game. West will sign for East and all wall games. Each player is responsible for checking and initialing their total after the round is over.
2. All hands scored as designated on Official Mah Jongg card.
3. Additional 10 Points if player picks own MJ.
4. Additional 10 Points for all hands made without a joker, including singles and pairs.
5. Score 10 points for a wall game. Any dead hand scores 0 (zero).
6. Mah Jongg in error – Players should not throw in or expose hand until MJ is verified. If MJ is declared in error and all players have exposed hands – errorer scores 0 (zero) and all others score 10 points. If only one player does not expose hand, that player scores 10 points and all others score 0 (zero). If two hands are intact, play continues.

If a question arises during play, the Director's ruling is final